Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hawaii Catholic TV- Our home away from home...

On the feast of St. Sebastian, Martyr, the Diocese of Honolulu celebrated its annual "Red" mass in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace. Legislatures, Police and Fire Personnel, and even Governor-elect Neil Abercrombie, were among the faithful and clergy gathered for prayer. After the post-communion prayer those gathered were addressed by USCCB Attorney, Anthony R. Picarello Jr. on the topic "Truth and Freedom: Made for Each Other." Mass ended with the congregation singing "America, the Beautiful."

Viewers, like us Seminarians, were able to be part of the Red Mass all the way from here in Oregon. It was made possible for us through the new initiative of John Fielding called Hawaii Catholic TV - HICTv for Short. Today's broadcast was a huge success compared to the previous attempt in live-streaming Deacon Anthony's ordination last month. Just as John was praying for 98-99 percent broadcast, it worked. The only glitch that happened during the mass was right after the start of Mr. Picarello's speech. The broadcast went off-air for just about 5 mins. Despite this minor technical difficulty, overall the live-stream went well.

It is with a grateful heart that HICTv brings the Diocese of Honolulu beyond the geographical lines right into our homes, schools, work, and even my seminary. I hope that we will be able to continue to use this valuable resource as a diocese to really "Witness to Jesus". Great job to John Fielding and this crew and keep it up! HICTv is my home away from home.

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