Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mid-Semester Theological Reflection

Last week, I completed my Capstone Defense Presentation.  The culmination of all my study here at Mount Angel Seminary flashed before me.  The title of my senior thesis is "Theosis and Liturgy:  A Historical Study of Deification to Understand the Transformative Power of Roman Catholic Liturgy."  This Eastern Theology has expanded my understanding of Liturgy.  I first heard about the notion of Theosis when I attended a two-week retreat/conference called "Renewing Liturgy, Renewing Life," led by Sister Joyce Ann Zimmerman & Sister Kathleen Harmon from Dayton, OH, a few years ago.

In this paper, I give a historical background to the notion of theosis.  I hope to expand this paper into a Master's Thesis in the future.  I have about 49 days till graduation, and I still have a lot of work to do.  I pray that all the seminarians persevere in these last days of classes and all will be able to show forth what they learned.

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