Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid-Summer thoughts...

Summer has not been much of a vacation this year. I have been busy with the Office of Religious Education, hosting visiting seminarians, MC'ing Confirmation Masses with Bishop Silva, attending graduation parties, making appearances at the With Grateful Hearts Mahalo dinners, and touring Oahu with my niece.

It is quiet here at Saint Stephen's Diocesan Center. After all the diocesan workers leave the center, it becomes a ghost town. I dont let the darkness of the place get to me. I attend mass at the Carmelite Convent here on campus. The holy and prayerful sisters illumine this place.

The office of religious education (ORE) has been very busy with its conferences on Oahu and Kauai. We are getting ready for the next conference on Maui. I have been working on our catechist database and trying to update and clean up records. This has really helped me navigate through Microsoft Access and learn about the program. I will be completing my journey with the ORE soon and will truly miss this ministry.

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