Thursday, October 8, 2009

I thirst for you...

On the first night at the seminary, I was thirsty. After dinner and the orientation meeting I went back into my room. I began to unpack my things and put them away. When I saw the bed, there were no sheets. I did not pack them with me. I ended up sleeping on clothes and used a towel as a blanket.

Just before bed, I wanted a drink of water because I was thirsty. When I went to turn on the sink the water came out brown. In Hawaii, the water from the tap comes out clear. I never saw tap water that dark. I figured that since no one ran the tap for a whole summer, it came out that color. So I went out side of my room to the fountain. The water also came out brown. Aye SOS! I ran back into my room and jumped into bed. I was so thirsty, that I savored the every drop of my saliva.

Then I realized, I experienced my first spiritual exercise. I was thirsty physically, but I was also thirsty spiritually. Jesus, I thirsty for you!


  1. An excellent lesson! Thank you! Cathy

  2. I used to live in CA and though water there doesn't exactly taste fresh, it's not as yellow as the water in Oregon. We are spoiled, we who live on the islands. Praise God!

    God bless you, Alfred, for all your sacrifices!